Who We Are

At Old South Gold, we are dedicated to serving our customers, while focusing on two main components – Fairness & Discretion.

Whether you’re in the market to buy gold and silver or want to sell gold, silver or diamonds, our stores guarantee to offer you the best deal, period.

We are founding members of the largest precious metals association in the nation, and have worked closely with other members to provide the products and services that matter most to you.

Discretion is our foundation

Our foundation is built on discretion.  Whether you’re going through the painful process of selling the coins or jewelry of an inherited estate, or you’re liquidating some bullion to fund a real estate purchase or new business venture, you can rest assured that your entire transaction will be conducted from start to finish with the utmost discretion.

The same principles apply if you’ve just had a rough month and need to make a mortgage payment, or you’re ready to stock up on some silver for the future.

Regardless of the circumstance or situation, we always respect you AND your right to privacy!