The HOTTEST Summer Jewelry Trends

09. June 2017 News 0
The HOTTEST Summer Jewelry Trends

You’ve self-tanned yourself to bronze perfection. Tried on a million swimsuits until you found the one that highlights your best assets. Booked your hotel and planned your vacation. It seems you are clear to cruise to the Gulf Coast. But you’re missing one (or a few) things!

Summer beach jewelry!

This summer’s all about hoops, tri-gold, and charm necklaces. At Old South Gold we have beautiful vintage gold and silver jewelry that will complete any summer ensemble without cutting into that vacay budget.


If your rebel soul doesn’t follow any other trend this summer, you’ve got to try out the hoops. They are simple and stylish and easy to wear. They are also a lot of fun! Here’s a peek at some of the hoops you’ll find here at Old South Gold.

Summer Jewelry Trend No. 1: Hoops. The bigger, the better! Old South Gold has hoops in white gold, too.


Levian tri-color band with diamonds at Old South Gold.

Tri-Color Jewels

Gold is definitely making a comeback and another hot trend this summer is wearing yellow gold and white gold tri-color jewels. Gold looks dazzling on all complexions and if you are a fan of white gold or even sterling silver, don’t hesitate to mix and match the two colors.

It’s summertime, after all. What better time to throw caution to the wind than while on vacation!


Charm Necklaces

A friend came into the store yesterday to take me out to lunch. She absolutely adores jewelry and follows all the latest trends. She is seriously loving 24-inch necklaces with multiple charms. Over lunch, we talked about how cute charms are and how they really do define specific times in your life.

Check out some of these fun beauties we have at Old South Gold right now. The seashell is gorgeous — a true stunner piece of gold that was crafted, not cast.

Silver key charm.
Silver heart charm.
A true artist’s piece, this 18 K gold seashell is crafted, not cast.


See all of our gorgeous vintage jewelry at Old South Gold, located in Foley, Alabama. We are open six days a week, Monday through Friday, 10 – 6.


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